Hi there, you creative individual! What brings you to our website?

Thank you for checking out our home page! We hope that you love music as much as we do - It's been our passion for over a decade.

Music Lessons and Studio Production, based in Southampton Street, Christchurch!

We do Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Ukulele, DJing, Music Production & Audio Engineering Tuition - as well as Recording, Mixing, Mastering & Session Musicianship.

So, How can we help you? Keen for a free first trial lesson?

Our main objective, through whatever we do, is to assist others towards achieving their musical ambitions. If your dream is to learn to play your favourite instrument, studio-produce your carefully crafted compositions, or become a professional, independent artist - we're here for you, should you need us.

In summary, we're here to both:

  • Meet your wants and needs through our Music Lessons, Studio Production and Record Label,


  • Operate in a way that directly benefits both Local Musicians and the NZ Music Industry.

Our rates for service are currently $50 p/hour - and we offer a free first trial lesson for new students, as well as free initial consultations for studio work.

But hang on - what exactly is "Spiderhands"?

Spiderhands Productions exists to offer music-based services to the people of Christchurch, NZ.

The company itself was started in 2014 - but the initial concept of "Spiderhands" began to surface in 2011, when Logan (the owner/founder) decided that he wanted to "get serious" in regards to his ambitions of becoming a professional musician. His friend, Simon, saw him playing guitar and gave him the nickname "Spiderfingers". After adjusting that name somewhat, and with the help of a graphic designer named Jesse (logo), and a tech guru named Jack (website) - Spiderhands Productions was born!

As of 2020, we're nearly full up with students (we aim to teach up to 60 musicians per week!), we're almost ready to launch our new studio, and we're in the middle of building "Spiderhands Records", a label that will be consistently ethical, friendly, and mutually beneficial.

In future, we're looking to get involved with Video Production, Photography, Game Development and Custom PC Building, in order to provide a more multi-media-centered creative service. There are a wide range of artistically talented people in Christchurch, and we want to be to assist the majority of them, where possible.