Logan (Music Tutor)

"I'm happy that I've learned to play the drums - I know what everything is and that I've learned new beats each week!" - Ryan

"I think that the way the the material has been presented is really good and that it's good that Logan was patient and genuine." - Mike

"I like that there's a relaxed atmosphere, open discussions about drumming, that Logan answered my many questions. Good to be able to break down the songs as well (during lessons)!" - Bruce

"I've always found it hard to learn from others and always struggled with school and learning in general but Logan did an excellent job in teaching me. I don't know what Logan does differently to others, but whatever he does, he should just keep doing it. I really liked his casual and carefree attitude in teaching. Logan made it feel like nothing was a hassle or an issue." - Hamish

"I loved it here at Spiderhands. The teacher here is patient and he supports you no matter what happens." - Amber

"Logan has substantial music knowledge and is always patient, down to earth and encouraging. The lessons are always enjoyable and I particularly like the way he helps me reach my musical goals." - Karen