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Spiderhands Records is our independent record label.

The aim of Spiderhands Records is to nurture the talents of NZ Musicians, to assist in finding them work, to collaborate in planning their various ventures, and to enable them towards a better future as a professional creative in New Zealand.

Our plan of action towards achieving these goals lies in treating our clients, our local musicians, like they want to be treated; taken seriously, in good faith (with no manipulation or shadiness) and with a genuine modicum of respect . If a client of ours comes to us and asks us how they can improve their situation where both their music and business acumen are concerned, we will be happy to work together to change things as needed, so that it's possible for NZ's talented performers to go forth and experience a brighter future in the Music Industry.

In the Short Term: For those who we already work with, whether through Lessons or our Studio - we aim to offer these Label services to you, at a discounted rate. We want to make it possible for you to go from a complete amateur, to a professional musician with all the skills needed to succeed.

In the Long Term: We hope that our acts (our clients and partners) will accomplish their goals and ambitions, with all of the knowledge and the leverage necessary to truly get the most out of the opportunities presented to them, whether through the domestic or international markets.

Ultimately, throughout all that we do through Spiderhands Records, we will honour our fiduciary agreements; we will put the wants and needs of our clients first, and walk with them into a new and (preferably) prosperous age of NZ music.

To Summarise: Our Label Services (as of 2018) include Artist Management, Brand Building, Project/Budget Planning, and Securing Performance & Promotional Opportunities for our clients, in both offline and online mediums.

If you'd like to have a planning session with us, Label appointments can be either 30-minute ($20) or hour-long sessions ($40) - and we are happy to book you in for multiple sessions if required.

if you would like to find out more about Spiderhands Records, or would like to book an appointment with us, please click the button below.

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