Spiderhands Records

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Spiderhands Records is our independent record label that aims to sign artists and musicians of any genre, and guide them into a brighter, more prosperous future. We are dedicated to nurturing our artist’s talents, finding them work, and managing them towards success. We endeavour to meet the individual wants and needs of the talented, dedicated and passionate musicians of New Zealand.

Our services includes artist management, image/band building and securing performance and promotional opportunities for our clients in both offline and online mediums. Our acts will become complete professional musicians, with the knowledge and the leverage to truly get the most out of the possibilities presented to them in the domestic and international markets.

Our focus in short term is to offer these services at a discount rates to our production clients and the students learning from our tutors, so that they may be able to go from a beginner to a professional musician with industry knowledge through our efficient, stress-free and enjoyable system. Throughout all that we do through Spiderhands Records, we will honour our fiduciary agreements and put the clients first into a new age of NZ music.

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